Our US Customs Broker solution integrate a value chain for our customers with their partners and government agencies to improve their business processes.



Based on NET Framework and Azure technologies.

Cloud systems

Web services and REST APIs to reduce IT cost. (EDI integration services, US Customs Transmissions)


Databases Systems supported SQL Server, SQL Azure, MySQL.

Integration Services

Connect trading partners with your business systems. FTP, Web Service, APIs, etc


Core: is the base platform with catalogs of reference and
system configuration and user control.

Logistic: Bill of lading option with link to our Freight Management,
Warehouse management and Yard Control modules.

AES: Electronic Export Information (SED’s)

ACE: Import Security Filing(ISF) and Foreign Trade Zone
Admission (e214) module

ABI: Import Entries, In-bond Shipments,CBP Statements

IMEXNet Broker Compliance has been developed based on the best business practices required by the U.S. Customs Brokers to help importers and exporters to meet U.S. government requirements.

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