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What is E-Manifest?

The ACE Electronic Manifest is the commercial trade processing system that has been developed by the U.S. Customs & Border Protection to facilitate
legitimate trade and strengthen border security requiring every carrier or truck that enters the United States.


Carrier Information (crew, convenyance & equipment)

Trip Information (Arrival port, delivery location)

Shipment information (SN, Shipper, Consignee)


Trip Logs

Custom Templates

Date & time crossing log

Driver, equipment & convenyance

Empty trips batch generation

CBP approved ACE Truck eManifest
Service Center

Create trip with shipments in seconds

Validation alerts warns you if information
is missing before submitting information
to CBP

Highly available service, infrastructure you
can count

English/Spanish and technical support

Store your trip digital documents in our

Save time and money with our web portal and premium support. We provide full e-filling services.

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